Tunjukan Puisi Yang Mengagumkan

Tunjukan Puisi Yang Mengagumkan - The problems regarding waste can greatly need serious attention from various parties and local residents. Due to the current waste is still a problem that finds a failure in terms of handling. In fact, if viewed dai impact is inevitable in society if.


waste reduction is not handled properly will impact on the declining quality of life, the beauty of the environment, the potential


 for flooding will be greater because it does not rule out the garbage that area will hinder the flow of water so that natural disasters bleak flood and the quality of health.


of the people that live in the surrounding area of ​​garbage pollution. If this continues in the long term, it can affect the flow of regional investors, marketability and attractiveness of these areas will decline drastis.Bahkan.


according to health experts, garbage pollution, resulting in adverse effects on health. This resulted in various diseases can be


 generated in areas such as garbage pollution terindeksi digestive tract, typhoid, dysentery, etc. Factors such disease-carrying flies and development is.