Jadi Contoh Itu Diharuskan Aktif

Jadi Contoh Itu Diharuskan Aktif - mosquitoes that infect humans because of the garbage mountain. Particularly in the area where my lectures waterfall Sangereng, Gading Serpong, Tangerang, increased less junk particular concern of various parties in the area. Disposal of waste during this.


approximately two years I lived the area of ​​garbage pollution carried by ditumpuknya alongside the path to college, and then moving team took a routine waste cleanup only on my campus area. The area


 of ​​the path being ignored even though the area is very close to the residential area in fact there are.


many small eating houses for residents who want to preserve his life. Not imagine how viruses and seeds illness has spread to infect people who are less aware of the importance of environmental hygiene.


Maybe this will be the base of the problem in my article. Because it does not rule out the possibility that the public area that is


 throwing and garbage piled up. Landfills that do cause pollution to the water, because the landfills will lead to delays in the process of ground water.