Hiburan Teka Teki Disaat Galau

Hiburan Teka Teki Disaat Galau - Dirty environment and pollution trash can bring adverse effects both to humans and to the environment. Adverse environmental impacts dirty and trash pollution on the environment itself includes many things and one of them is water pollution. Water pollution.


can occur when the garbage dumped into the river and instead of into the trash, and this often occurs in areas that can not be


 reached by a team of such waste cleanup in remote areas, for example. In addition to polluting the river water, sewage or garbage can also impede the process.


of groundwater and of course this is bad news considering the groundwater is important for humans.In addition to polluting the river and hinder the process of ground water, garbage also can contaminate the soil and make it unhealthy. Similarly, the trash is burned in the yard remember.


burning garbage, especially inorganic waste can damage the environment if done continuously. If all these things


 happening in our environment, as a member of the public good, of course we should not blame the local authorities given the habits of the residents in the neighborhood who is likely to be the cause so that the community was the first to have to try to overcome these problems.