Menunjukan Contoh Harus Paling Asik

Menunjukan Contoh Harus Paling Asik - 

Not only bring harm to the environment, pollution, garbage and dirty environment can also bring adverse impacts on people living in a particular neighborhood. For example, garbage pollution is known to lead to an increase in various infectious diseases gastrointestinal tract, so on.


This is because the presence of garbage piling up without being in the place proper waste, disease-carrying animals such

 as flies will be more and more, and of course, it's not the only adverse effects of the dirty environment and pollution on humans.


Another impact of the dirty environment and pollution of the human garbage that it should be prevented that the occurrence of respiratory disorders. This could occur if the solution is used to manage the waste mounting is to burn.


Garbage is burned, especially if the garbage in question is inorganic, can harm the environment and human health that live in it. Good waste management has arguably become one of the important key in

 maintaining the health of the environment given that poor waste management will result in dirty environment and pollution rubbish of course bring a lot of adverse effects to humans or the environment.