Semua Contoh Akan Di Ajukan

Semua Contoh Akan Di Ajukan - The soil contamination originating from household waste, industrial waste and agricultural waste. Waste is a major pollutant in household waste. We can see garbage strewn everywhere. This will impact on acid rain caused by industrial activity that causes harmful minerals.


apart from its bond and the conditions of the soil pH is low. The use of chemical fertilizers that are not controlled substances

 cause soil to lose haranya so that the area of ​​agricultural land productivity will decline. Coupled with the entry of pesticides into the soil will affect the various living.


beings through the food chain. Through this article I want to share a solution that might be done to overcome the problem

 of litter in the area of ​​residence Raise Awareness and Concern Kita On Environment The character "bodo period" and "quasi-practical" ingrained in people.


The government also undoubtedly wits how effective way to open people's hearts. Socialization, counseling programs, call down to the fine even though it turned out fruitful zero. Now is the time on our own for

 a little think about this. Stop blaming thegovernment or the local government on the issue. Because this behavior does not clean indeed originated from the community.